The Best Cannabis Sativas in Amsterdam

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Sativa is the happy, uplifting sister of Indica. It is an uplifting and motivational strain, created to spark your mind into motivation and creativity. Unlike Indica, Sativa is better during the day, especially for activities that require a lot of communication and social interactions. It is excellent for inducing creative thoughts while working on a project or a hobby. It is characterized by sweeter and fruitier aromas and tastes, unlike Indica strains that are muskier and woody.

Sativa can be also used for helping with the treatment of symptoms of chronic fatigue and mood disorders. Here are the best cannabis Sativa strains that can easily be found in Amsterdam:

Green Crack

This super popular Sativa strain was first known as cush until a certain weed connoisseur known under the name of Snoop Doggy Dog renamed it Green Crack after experiencing its potent effects. With pretty much an unknown lineage, what is known is that one of its parents could be Skunk #1 crossed with a bit of Afghani landrace Indica. Yet, no one is sure if this is true.

Although its name sounds a bit scary, Green Crack is sure to make users energized and inspired. Green Crack is sure to entice you with a citrus scent and hints of mango in the aftertaste.

Given that it is one of Amsterdam’s best cannabis Sativa strains, it is great for motivating yourself and getting up and going, thanks to its potency which ranges from 13 to 24% THC and an average of 16%.


Another great strain, Tangie is a homage to Tangerine Dream, a Sativa strain that was popular in 1995. It is a combination between a skunk strain and California Orange that has been awarded Cannabis Cups multiple times over the years, one even winning 10 prizes in 10 months – meaning a prize each month!

With 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, Tangie has 19 to 22% THC, making it a better choice for experienced smokers than newbies. Oozing an airy, citrusy, sweet aroma that reminds of tangerines (hence the name), it creates an uplifting euphoria with a combination of sharp focus and feelings of happiness.

Maui Wowie (Maui Waui)

It sounds Hawaiian, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is! This Sativa hybrid showed up in the 60s when cannabis was still super potent. With a range of 13 to 19% THC, Maui Waui creates a happy, energetic high that engages your brain with a light and pleasant numbing body sensation. It is also known to cause munchies. Just like its country of origin, Maui Wowie has a tropical flavor with pineapple notes.

Super Silver Haze

Often deemed the king of all Sativas, this highly awarded strain was created in the early 90s. Thanks to its powerful effects that activate the mind, it is a favorite of many. Interestingly, this strain is created by half Haze, a quarter of Northern Lights #5, and a quarter of the notorious Skunk #1. With citrusy and spicy tastes, it will win you over with its potency. Super Silver Haze ranges between 13.5% and 23% THC with an average of 19.5%.

At the end of the day, no matter which one you choose, if you want a creative and motivational high, Sativas are the way to go! The best thing is that all strains can be found in the local coffeeshops that offer the best cannabis Sativa in Amsterdam.

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