Amsterdam has a lot of coffee shops everywhere. You can easily spot one because it has the word 'offeeshop' on its sign. They also have a green and white flag/sticker that says 'Coffee Shop' on their windows or doors. You can start by visiting Coffeeshop De Kroon, it is genuinely the best coffee shop to chill in Amsterdam.

The answer has to be Coffeeshop De Kroon. They are simply spectacular when it comes to offering great quality hash, weed, and other cannabis. You can choose from a wide variety of menu items that they have. They even offer a tranquil setting where you can simply unwind by yourself or even with friends. It is also a good coffeeshop in Amsterdam for beginners because of the well-informed staff that can help you make the best decision for you. The vibe in this local coffee shop in Amsterdam is welcoming, to say the least, with a modern decoration concept of dim, subtle lights and comfortable seating.

No, you are not allowed to take and consume alcoholic beverages inside any coffeeshop in the city. This also holds true for even the best coffee shops to chill in Amsterdam. Coffeeshop De Kroon strictly prohibits the entry of alcohol on the coffee shop premises, this rule needs to be followed when you are visiting them! However, you can order from their vast menu that includes coffee, non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks.

You must be 18+ years of age when you are visiting a coffeeshop in Amsterdam for beginners. The legal age for entering the coffeeshops in Amsterdam has been set to 18+ years by the government. Coffeeshop De Kroon is a popular place with hospitable and knowledgeable staff.

Coffeeshop De Kroon