Coffeeshop Rosin Press Amsterdam

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Coffeeshop Rosin 1 Coffeeshop Rosin Press Amsterdam

De Kroon is the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam where a customer can enjoy the process of extracting “resin” using the Resin Press on their own.

The process of extraction using a combination of heat and pressure to squeeze out resinous sap from the flower, known as “rosin”, is a technique that rapidly grew in popularity, letting the consumer have a complete control over the transformation of the flower, in an all-natural way. It is one of the most preferred methods, one of the safest as well, with no room for compromising quality or chemically altering the end product. With this, consumers know exactly what they are consuming.

Coffeeshop Rosin Press Amsterdam Coffeeshop Rosin Press Amsterdam

The process itself requires a flower, a filter bag for the flower to be put in, which later on will be placed between parchment paper and a press which will apply heat of 215F and at least 500 PSI of pressure for 60 seconds. Making rosin involves minimal risk, the process is easy and simple, does not require use of any foreign substances, in return it is leaving the consumer with a peace of mind, knowing they are by no means risking their health.

The term “rosin” comes from the method of making a product used to lubricate the bows of a violin. In this case, the rosin comes in a variety of forms, such as shatters, waxes and all different types of viscosities.

While this process is now available at home, enjoying it in a great group of people and professionals can only make the experience that much better. Amsterdam has an abundance of coffeeshops where locals and tourists can try the process themselves, but undoubtedly, one of the best one for it is the coffeeshop De Kroon.

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