What to do on King’s day? The best stoner guide

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420 in Amsterdam! What to do?
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Known as one of the biggest celebrations in the Netherlands, King’s Day is organized once a year to celebrate the king’s birthday. Discover through our article the origin of this celebration as well as our recommendations to fully enjoy this emblematic event.


What is King’s Day?

Established in 1885, King’s Day, previously called Queen’s Day, is a major event in the Netherlands. It celebrates the king’s birthday with numerous activities, including festivals and flea markets throughout the city. It was initially held on August 31st for Prinsessedag (the queen’s birthday) and is now called Koningsdag for the king’s birthday, which has been celebrated on April 27th since his coronation in 2013.

The festivities usually start the night before on Koningsnacht, with all Dutch people wearing the national color orange, and even Dutch sports teams playing internationally join in. For a weekend, the Netherlands turns orange in what is called the “Oranjegekte” phenomenon. The festivities typically begin on Friday evening (April 26th) and end on Sunday morning (April 28th).


What to do on King’s Day?

Are you living in Amsterdam or visiting for this event? The Dekroon team has prepared this article to recommend what to do for the 2024 edition. Firstly, it’s important to embrace the local colors, so we invite you to dress up and wear orange for the occasion. You’ll find many shops in the city center, or you can get everything you need from specialized stores like Hema, Action, Louiswittenburg, or Witbaard . Here are some costume ideas to fully enjoy this day:


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Now that you’re all colorful and ready to have a good time, we invite you to stop by the Dekroon Coffee shop to stock up on cannabis before getting lost in the streets and the city. We organize tastings of our special King’s Day cakes, and you’ll can come to chill and relax in the coffee shop before tackling this big day and weekend.

Take a stroll through the city and experience the different moods and crowds in the various parts of the city, especially in Vondelpark, Rembrandtplein, and Museumplein. If you’re looking for festivals, Amsterdam will be filled with them during this weekend, including Oranjebloesem, Verknipt, Loveland, and don’t miss Garrix performing at Kingsland 2024.

If you’re looking for an affordable festival near Amsterdam, we highly recommend ORANJEBLOESEM 2024, which will take place at the Olympic Stadium. Afterwards, you can head to the OhMyBun Stadionplein where you’ll find Smash Burgers and many other delicious meals for your munchies.

If you’re not really into the festival atmosphere, no worries! There’s something for everyone on King’s Day! Find numerous flea markets throughout the city, especially in the parks and on the main squares. You’ll find second-hand clothes, furniture, and many other interesting items. Maybe you’ll even find some smoking accessories!


In conclusion, King’s Day is an important day for the Dutch people, it’s a day of celebration where everyone gathers to celebrate the king’s birthday. Come stock up at the Dekroon coffee shop to fully enjoy the day and see a bit of green in this orange festival. The entire Dekroon team wishes you a happy celebration and hopes to see you soon!

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