Handy Tips to Keep in Mind While Exploring the Coffeeshops Menus in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam coffeeshops
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What Are the Top Facts to Know Before Hopping Into the Late Night Coffeeshops in Amsterdam?
mariacavali kroon march 2020 1200 Handy Tips to Keep in Mind While Exploring the Coffeeshops Menus in Amsterdam!

Many people are usually confused when it comes to the concept and the menu of coffeeshop and coffee shops in the country. The Amsterdam coffeeshops menus is not your standard cafe where you go to buy coffee or tea, but rather a very different concept. This is a government-licensed establishment that sells cannabis products to its customers.

A typical Amsterdam coffeeshops menu includes a variety of weed, hash, and other cannabis products sold by the gram or in pre-rolled joints. Most of them also sell hash brownies and space cakes. Tea, coffee, milkshakes (perhaps Chocomel), orange juice, and various snacks are available, but there is no alcohol.

What are some of the tips that you need to follow when you are exploring a coffeeshops menu in Amsterdam?

Before you go to your first coffee shop in Amsterdam, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Let’s check out some of these below:

  1. There will be no hard drugs allowed

When you are thinking of going to a coffeeshop and checking out those Amsterdam coffee shop’s menus, you must note that there won’t be any hard drugs available and you won’t find hallucinogens or other intoxicants in these coffee shops. Instead, you will find cannabis and hash, as well as edibles. Truffles, for example, are exclusively accessible in these shops. Truffles are similar to mushrooms in that they have a magical quality about them.

  1. There will be no alcohol

Alcohol is also strictly prohibited in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, something you should also keep in mind when you are thinking of visiting these shops. Were you planning on drinking alcohol and enjoying smoking a joint in one of these coffee shops? Sorry, but you won’t be able to do so. You are allowed to consume cannabis, but not with the combination of alcohol.

  1. There is an age limit

Of course, there is an age limit! You must be at least 18 years old to enter these coffee shops in Amsterdam. This is because it is illegal to sell marijuana to minors in Amsterdam, so make sure you bring your ID card with you when you go into a coffee shop.

  1. Closing hours for the coffeeshops

You will be astonished to learn that the coffee shops don’t close until late at night! Some of them close as early as 6 PM, while others close as late as 1 AM. Previously, a handful stayed open until 3 AM, but in recent years (mainly after the pandemic struck the world), they have all carefully adhered to the 1 AM closing regulation. So, if you are going to check out some amazing coffeeshops menus in Amsterdam, then make sure to verify the closing hours.

  1. Tobacco is not allowed in joints (except for some)

Did you know that the Netherlands has had a tobacco-smoking prohibition since 2008? This means you can’t put tobacco in the joints you smoke that are found on most Amsterdam coffeeshops menus. However, you will find a bowl of non-potent dry cannabis leaves in almost every one of these coffee shops, which you can use in your joint instead of tobacco. It is unquestionably a better alternative for your lungs.

  1. Wrapping up

In Amsterdam, it is not allowed to smoke narcotics like cannabis or hash, although it is permitted. In special hash bars, also known as coffee shops, you can buy up to 5 grams of cannabis. We hope our tips helped you know what to expect in Amsterdam coffeeshop menus!

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