Best Burger Restaurant in Amsterdam for Munchies – Oh My Bun

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omb Best Burger Restaurant in Amsterdam for Munchies - Oh My Bun

Munchies are a common side-effect of consuming cannabis. Do you know that feeling after a good smoke where you just want to stuff your face with some burgers and satisfy your cravings? Yeah, that’s called “having the munchies.”

Why do we get the munchies?

This is a mix of chemical reactions that your brain gets. In other words, cannabis has the power to mix up the brain signals that tell you if you are feeling hungry or you’re satisfied. Cannabis also affects appetite because it releases ghrelin, the stomach hormone that regulates your appetite.

Furthermore, marijuana is known to enhance the rewards of the food that you consume. Since our brains are head over heels in love with high calories that have lots of sugar, salts, and fats, eating up a burger with some fries and a milkshake sounds like a great idea. Not to mention that these foods release dopamine, which makes us crave them even more.

A great way to satisfy your cravings is to visit the newest and best burger place in Amsterdam, right next to one of the best local coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Oh My Bun is the newest addition to Amsterdam’s rich burger culture and yet another place to satisfy your munchies. Located just a minute away from the coffee shop De Kroon, Oh My Bun offers the best hamburgers in Amsterdam. You can go there after sitting down and enjoying your time at one of the many local coffee shops in Amsterdam.

You can also visit it after a quick promenade through Amsterdam’s center since it’s just 6 minutes away from Dam Square and the Madame Tussauds museum.

Its rich menu offers you a combo of sweet and spicy burgers that you can see get made, since Oh My Bun has an open kitchen. You can also choose from a plethora of burgers – cheese or classics, with jalapeños or bacon, and with cheesy fries or just regular fries that are sure to remind you of the taste of the classical American burger.

Satisfying your munchies is an easy job if you have a burger place next to a coffee shop. However, disclaimer: totally giving in to your munchies too often is not a good idea because it leads to weight gain and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. So, curbing your cravings once in a while is a good idea.

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