What is Amnesia Haze?

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Although its name sounds like it can cause amnesia, this is not the case. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a crowd favorite thanks to the optimistic and chill vibes it spreads around the best local coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Known for its earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze is the perfect choice for a morning wake and bake session or an afternoon creativity hype. It creates an energetic, uplifting, and motivational buzz that will make you get up and start working. Amnesia Haze is an excellent choice if you want to induce some creativity and a powerful buzz that, unlike its name, will make you remember it forever.

This is an award-winning strain that comes from the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains. Amnesia Haze is super popular and it can be found in the best weed coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Its typical effects include a sharp focus, and creativity and it is great for helping in the treatment of depression, loss of appetite (especially with eating disorders), and anxiety. Its THC ranges between 20 and 25% with an average of 21%.

Amnesia Haze has big, densely structured flowers which look like a combination of Indica and Sativa, although it is 80% Sativa and 20% indica.

Unlike its notorious name, Amnesia Haze offers your palate lemony tastes that are mellowed down with a few earthy tones. Some notes of cedar can also be traced in the taste. It has silky smooth smoke when inhaled. The exhale is typical of other Haze strains which leaves a spicy and citrus aftertaste.

The smell of Amnesia Haze is pungent and can linger, so if you want to be discreet, you should be careful.

It has a broad range of qualities that come from both Indica and Sativa strains, although sativas are more dominant. The induced high shows up in a matter of minutes, activating cerebral thinking and causing a rampant awareness of one’s surroundings. Smokers may feel more optimistic and positive since Amnesia Haze causes a spike in the mood, but still, it has enough indica characteristics so that it provides a feeling of ease and relaxation.

Thanks to the mix of strong mental and somewhat physical properties, makes Amnesia Haze an excellent choice for activities that involve the body and the mind – such as exercise and sexual activity, to name a few.

For medicinal purposes, Amnesia Haze is great for mood swings and people who suffer from attention deficit disorders like ADHD as well as helping people who have eating disorders since it’s an excellent stimulant for appetite when the munchies kick in.

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