Can Cannabis Help Treat Bipolar Disorder?

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de kroon coffee shop Can Cannabis Help Treat Bipolar Disorder?

Like any other mental illness, bipolar disorder may turn anyone’s life into suffering if not treated properly, as it can cause several financial, social, or work-related problems.

Bipolar disorder is described as a mental disorder that causes periods of depression and abnormally elevated moods. The causes of bipolar disorder are not yet defined nor understood, but we know that both environmental and genetic factors play a role in its development. It affects approximately 1% of the global population, and the most common age at which symptoms begin is 25. 

As with many other mental disorders, bipolar disorder is usually medically treated with mood stabilizers and antipsychotics, as well as with psychotherapy. But, as science progresses, we learn that these medications show side effects which may increase the risk of death from natural causes such as coronary heart disease. 

Luckily, cannabis has been proven to be a safer and natural way to deal with numerous types of illnesses and disorders, including bipolar disorder.

Researchers have found that THC possesses powerful antidepressant properties and can boost serotonin to help stabilize moods. Knowing this should inspire people to learn more and get informed about the rest of the health benefits cannabis has.

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If you find yourself in this group of people or know someone who lives with bipolar disorder, check out this small list of 5 amazing cannabis strains that may be extremely helpful:


White Widow
Cannabis white-widow

People who have bipolar disorder find White Widow especially helpful. It delivers a euphoric and relaxed high while relieving pain, depression, and stress.People who use White Widow also report better sleep and enhanced creativity and imagination, making it beneficial for artists as well as creatives!

Sour Diesel
Cannabis Sour Diesel

A rather popular Sativa strain, loved by users for its stimulating and medicinal properties. If you need something that will deliver fast results, Sour Diesel is the strain to go for. Sour Diesel can help alleviate depression, pain, and stress with long-lasting relief, making it the perfect strain for people who have bipolar disorder. It is better to use it during the day, as it can help with maintaining focus and productivity.

Blue Dream
Cannabis Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a legendary strain from the Golden State, a Sativa-dominant popular for its ability to deliver a solid psychoactive high with cerebral stoniness.This strain invigorates both body and mind, and it works very well in addressing depression, anxiety, and headaches too.

Jack Herer
Jack-HererCreated in the Netherlands, Jack Herer is popular for giving off an incredible uplifted, clear-headed and blissful high, which is also helpful for creative projects.People dealing with a lack of appetite, stress, pain, depression, and fatigue, may find their fix within Jack Herer.

Girl Scout Cookies
Cannabis Girl Scout Cookies

This California-grown strain is known to deliver a great cerebral high and is strong enough to treat pain, stress, and appetite loss effectively. This strain is the go-to strain for patients suffering from many debilitating conditions and experiencing chronic pain.

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